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Since 1994, Judicial Dialog Systems has been a global leader in supplying prosecutors with the tools and technology they need to complete their functions. Judicial Dialog aims to make a positive impact in every court in America, we put our clients needs first and are recognized nationwide for our customer support and positive business interactions.

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A Case Management Software for Prosecutors

Case management software for prosecutors allows a prosecutor and his office to organize, store, file, track and maintain all records and information connected to his or her caseload. The Judicial system is a multi-faceted and complex entity where data and information are constantly being exchanged and communicated within itself. Prosecutor case management software handles and expedites all the information and tasks a prosecutor is responsible for.

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What is Prosecutor Case Management Software?

Prosecutor case management software is an all-inclusive database management system that assists prosecutors to function at their highest level. It utilizes modern technology to streamline and organize the duties of a prosecutor and their office, which allows them to simplify their workload and cut down on wasted time.

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What Separates JDS From Other Competitors

There are many options when researching a suitable CMS. Firstly, the Dialog offers top-tier US-based support. Our support teams have a combined 75 years of experience. Also, the account will be handled by the same team that installed and configured your system and will readily recognize your local needs and system setup for support concerns. Additionally, the Dialog contains a robust list of configuration settings, from the field label to custom overview pages, reports and merge documents. When we get finished, you will have a unique version that exceeds all your local requirements.

Benefits of Having a Case Management Software for Prosecutors

  • Effective case management software can literally save hundreds of hours of work by utilizing integrated workflows and automated processes.
  • Have access to all case information in one easy-to-read central location
  • View historical and present information stored on the server.
  • Case Management Software allows prosecutors to store digital files, and manage thousands of cases simultaneously all without the need for a single physical document
  • The Dialog case management software allows for a paperless office.
  • Use The Dialog CMS to track deadlines, appointments, and internal office processes
  • The Dialog integrates with your local law enforcement and judicial community which allows for easy and instant information transfers.
  • The Dialog allows for Instant and customized reporting features,
  • Customized document generation and pdf forms.
  • Electronic eDiscovery is also integrated within The Dialog – simplifying and tracking the discovery process.
  • Utilize The Dialog to manage and have access to large digital files.

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