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Secure or share case data within your office and outside agencies with ease. Autofill data into frequently used documents in seconds, without the need for manual input. Electronically file your data with the courts with a few clicks. Judicial/Dialog is designed to save you time and reduce errors, so you can focus on your case.

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Training and support are readily available to Judicial/Dialog users from one of our many U.S based offices. Keep your office running smoothly without the need for your own IT staff. If you need a system change, upgrade, enhancement, or just have a question about your product, the JDS support team is there for you.

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Your needs are unique. When selecting a case management software, it is important to ensure it will work for you and for those you work with. With custom integrations, enhancements, and fully adjustable product settings, your office can run the way you want it to, with superior speed and efficiency over a conventional office.

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*Don't see a marker in your state? Don't fret! Give us a call and we will see if Judicial/Dialog is exactly what you need to improve your office workflow!

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“I work for the Des Moines County Attorney’s Office in Burlington, Iowa, as a Victim Witness Coordinator and IT Coordinator. I can put IT Coordinator second, in part, because once Judicial/Dialog was set up I spend little time addressing issues; it works as promised. I was instrumental in choosing Dialog and have used the software for over 15 years. We worked with the staff from Dialog to set up our offices and enter our base data, it seemed like a daunting task at first, but our initial efforts have paid off many fold. When I need service, it is an email or phone call away. The Dialog is the backbone of the support services in our office.”

Des Moines County IA Attorney’s Office Lisa S. Harris, Victim Witness Coordinator

“We have used Judicial Dialog for 8 years and it has been invaluable in keeping us on top of our caseload. Over that time we have had to make changes to our office procedures and the support staff has always pitched in and helped us figure it out. Great staff and great product. I would stand behind it 100%”

Uinta County WY Attorney’s Office Toni Larson, Office Manager

“I would highly recommend Judicial/Dialog as a case management system. We have been using the program since 2009. It is an invaluable tool for use with our caseload. Their technical support is the most helpful, courteous and willing team to work with you. They work with you until your problems are solved. Judicial/Dialog is a great program and asset to our Agency.”

Sweetwater County WY Attorney’s Office Shari McKee, Office Manager RS/ Legal Assistant

“JD is an easy system to learn and use on a daily basis. The program allows for a considerable degree of organization and order and helps our attorneys keep track of all of the paperwork needed when they are in Court.”

Sweetwater County WY Attorney’s Office Jeanie Edwards, Office Manager GR/Legal Assistant

“We chose Judicial/Dialog as our case management program after having a competitor’s program for about 5 years. When deciding which system to switch to, we considered many factors. Two of the factors we considered were the ability to provide prompt customer service for problems when they arose and a system that was priced right. Judicial/Dialog met both of these criteria. Pottawattamie County has had Judicial/Dialog for over four years. During that time we have undergone major changes in how our work is completed on a daily basis. Judicial/Dialog has worked with us every step of the way to improve our efficiencies and interaction with our Court system as it went paperless. Judicial/Dialog continues to provide excellent support and response times.”

Pottawattamie County IA Attorney’s Office Amy L. Zacharias, Assistant County Attorney

“Our office has been using Judicial Dialog for 15 years. The program is very user friendly and easy to navigate through. When a new form or any kind of document needs to be added to JD it is a breeze to do. Sometimes, I run into issues in setting up the form, but all I have to do is call Tony, and we do a Go To Meeting right there and he helps me with the form. Plus, if the form setup parameters are the same, all you have to do is copy and paste the information you need from one to the other. It’s that simple. Everything is easy to add or do in JD, opening a new case, closing a case, adding events, charges, case subtypes, merging documents, etc. You will not go wrong getting Judicial Dialog. It is a great program and the people that work there are very helpful, courteous, and problem solvers. I would not want another program.”

Des Moines County IA Attorney’s Office Birgit Brissey, Office Admin/Paralegal

“Our office has been using Judicial Dialog for almost fifteen years. We periodically look at other case management software products being used by prosecutors and continue to find that Judicial Dialog remains the best product available for our office.”

Woodbury County IA Attorney’s Office Mark A. Campbell, Assistant County Attorney

“I would highly recommend Judicial Dialog for a Prosecutor’s Office. The system we were using previously does not even compare to Judicial Dialog. Its ease of use and its many capabilities for recording and tracking data helps to make our office run much more efficiently. The technical support is far superior to any other technical support we have received.”

Winchester City VA Commonwealth’s Attorneys Office - Tina Fitzwater, Office Administrator/Sr. Paralegal

“The Scott County Attorney’s Office has been a customer of Judicial Dialog for 16 years. During this partnership, Judicial Dialog continually upgrades its product to satisfy the changes happening in Prosecuting Offices. Judicial Dialog works in cooperation with the Counties for customization in views and reports. The Judicial Dialog staff is always available to answer any question via email, phone, or “go to” meeting. The case information, events and charges are captured in a user-friendly view. And most recently with the Statewide Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), Judicial Dialog streamlined many processes with various Exchanges to capture data and eliminate manual entry. I would definitely recommend Judicial Dialog as a case management system.”

Scott County IA Attorney’s Office Kathy Walsh, Office Administrator

“We have found Judicial/Dialogue a very invaluable tool in our efforts to expedite the handling of the huge caseload arising from the 1994 Rwanda genocide. Nothing that I could ever say would repay you and your colleagues for the sacrifice you have made individually and collectively as a company. I can only say thank you.”

Republic of Rwanda Gerald Gahima, Procureur General

“Judicial Dialog is an effective tool for managing cases, tracking court dates, generating a multitude of legal documents and administrative reports; is integrated with our e-mail system and our document storage system and we are pleased with the reliability, quality and response time.”

Loudoun County VA Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office. Heather Williamson, Communication/Technical Support