About: Judicial Dialog Systems Case Management Software For The Modern Prosecutor

Judicial Dialog Systems began in the early 90's with the goal of providing a faster and technologically superior way for Prosecutors to track and maintain their case data. Today, our product Judicial/Dialog embodies the commitment and innovation our team has made to providing you with the very best CMS available.

Superior support has always been a cornerstone of Judicial Dialog Systems. Our U.S based support staff provide the training and assistance you need to keep your office running efficiently. Your answer to training questions, troubleshooting, system customization, and more are never more than a phone call away.

As the needs of prosecuting offices change, Judicial/Dialog grows to meet those needs. With free updates, site specific enhancements/features, custom integrations, E-filing, and endless customization options, Judicial/Dialog gives Prosecuting Attorneys the tools they need to simplify their office workflow and stay focused on the task at hand.