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What Is E-Filing?

As prosecution software evolves, new features come about that improve not just the software itself, but the system of sharing case and court data between agencies as a whole. E-filing, or Electronic Filing, is a way for your office to electronically share required case data directly with the courts without any manual case creation. This new style of filing is fast, easy, and unmatched in its reliability. Our history with e-filing is a unique one. One that, we believe, has helped make the Dialog one of the best CMS options available to prosecutors today

In the beginning, E-filing was no simple task. In Iowa, one of the first states to implement an E-filing mandate statewide, a great deal of development and collaboration went into the project. Our partners in the Polk County, IA Prosecutors Office took the first step in seeking the development required to make such a project happen. This integration took a great deal of development and cooperation from the Polk County prosecutor’s office. Yet, it would become our flagship for all future E-filing with JD across the country.

So, what exactly did this integration do you say? It imports the initial complaint from 28 local municipal police departments and generates a new case populated with a defendant, arrest date, preliminary hearing, and arrest charges. All with ZERO manual input from the office staff. They also gained the ability to generate Trial Information and to send this information directly and securely to the Clerk of Court with a single push of a button. Sounds great! But what about today? How difficult is it for my office to e-file? E-filing is a common integration that many case management systems can develop exchanges for. Generally, a state managed web-portal is created, your office is given a sign-in, and the click of a single button automatically uploads all pertinent information from the courts to your system.

It sounds like e-fling makes things pretty easy…Yes. Yes it does.
Aside from the convenience and improved workflow of an office that is e-filing, it also removes processing delays and the need for paper files entirely.

As the technology continues to evolve, exciting new developments are always on the horizon. Fee and Fine collections modules are starting to gain momentum and could soon grow in popularity like e-filing has. As the technology evolves, we look forward to working with our partners to provide the very best case management software and service we possibly can.


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