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What's Included With Your JD Install

Every installation of Judicial/Dialog is unique. We work with you to ensure your system is FULLY customized to meet your exact needs

Case & Person Tracking

Judicial/Dialog functions on a person/case centric database. The People & Cases entered into JD drive all other functions within the system. This style of tracking ensures that every individual related to a case and every data point within a case is never lost or duplicated in any way

Document Generation

Automated document generation has become the fastest and easiest way to manage your case related documents. With JD Document Generator,  auto-fill virtually ANY custom document your office needs with case or person information you have saved in JD. What previously took 15-20 minutes now happens instantly

Custom Reporting

With our custom reports you're able to run system/person/data analysis at any time for any reason. Simplifying your ability to manage multiple cases, events, and staff keeps your office running smoothly


While each installation of Judicial/Dialog includes all its standard features, the program is highly customizable to ensure it improves your workflow and productivity. We configure your installation until the system looks and runs the way your office requires

Training & Maintenance

With every new install all users will be trained to full competency with the product. Any subsequent users you add will also be trained in the use of the product. Additionally annual maintenance is offered to guarantee your system runs with ZERO hiccups

Free Updates & Enhancements

Judicial/Dialog was built by Prosecutors. In keeping with tradition, the system evolves primarily through requests from our users. As these new enhancements and updates become available, we offer (and encourage) ALL of our users to try them out. However, updates and enhancements remain optional for all users

Custom Integrations

Sometimes even a system as robust as Judicial/Dialog requires advanced customization. JD can be fully integrated with outside agencies to automate data entry from the Courts, Sheriff's Office, etc.

Electronic Filing (E-Filing)

As the demand for electronic filing to the courts grows across the country, the need for a system capable of such integration is necessary. JD has been e-filing in Maryland and Iowa since 2014 and can be integrated to meet your state's specific demands

Hosted/Dialog (Cloud Server Options)

Not every office has the hardware necessary for large data stores on-site. To answer this dilemma, we created Hosted/Dialog to offer a cloud-based server option

Track your most recent Cases, Persons, and Upcoming-Events (your tickler calendar) with ease from the My Overview page

Case Management Made Simple

My Overview Screen

The Case Search engine allows for Standard Case Searches (specific data point searches) and Ad-Hoc Reporting (large, generalized searches) to manage your office case loads more efficiently

Case-Centric Tracking

Case Search Screen

Prevent duplicate person entry and organize individuals by role type (Prosecutor, Plaintiff, Judge, Victim, etc.) in a case from arrest to sentencing and beyond

Person-Centric Tracking

Person Search Screen

Autofill documents with Person & Case data from your Judicial/Dialog database with a few simple clicks

Custom Document Generation

Document Generation Screen


If you are interested in getting the most out of your case management system, reach out to us and we will answer any questions you may have