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Judicial/Dialog was developed in 1993 to help paper-only prosecutors and public defender offices manage their case loads in a superior way. Since then, Judicial Dialog Systems has remained committed to providing state and county attorneys with the tools and support they need to manage their daily case load workflow.Our software is based on a simple Person & Case tracking system. As your database of “actors” (attorneys, judges, witnesses, accused, etc) grows, your system will become an intricate web of storage and associations between people and cases. This tracking keeps events, dates, and people associated with each case separate and clearly defined, as well as preventatively avoiding repeat entries of people, events, etc.

The software is highly customizable and can be changed to look and function the way your office needs it to. No installation of Judicial/Dialog is ever the same (though many times, custom modifications become quite popular among customers and eventually find their way into standard updates). Each installation of Judicial/Dialog is unique, making the software an ever-changing and improving version of itself.

In its most basic format, Judicial/Dialog performs all of the standard features a standard case management system would. Document Generation, Reporting, Case & Person tracking, Department organizing, and calendaring are all done within your system as set by your personal parameters for each user. Additionally, your office administrator has the ability to organize and control permissions for each user. This helps keep cases and data secure and designated to the correct workspace at all times.

Case management software will continue to evolve as the world of prosecution becomes increasingly more complex. Judicial/Dialog will continue to evolve to meet these needs and offer prosecutors superior tools and features they need to do their job.


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