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Iowa AD HOC Reporting


AD HOC Reporting is the ability to create a unique report specific to a user’s immediate statistical or data-crunching needs. Reports are not prepacked for common data reporting, but are often needed “in the moment” as your daily tasks go on.

Presentation/Dialog® (PD) is an ad hoc reporting tool that allows users to graph data from their Judicial/Dialog® tables for easy referencing. This data can then be exported into Excel spreadsheet files(.xlsx). PD accesses the reference data tables and allows the user to include all or none of a specific parameter including role types, events, demographics, etc. This feature is included in the latest version of Judicial/Dialog® along with 8 Standard Reports.

AD HOC Reports have also been used to view the Case Search Results grid as a reporting tool. As the Case Search Results grid is exportable and printable, various searches can be used to generate results like: The number of case type by prosecutor, trials by prosecutor within date ranges, or other inter-agency data. Common searches can also be saved and reused as “canned” searches, updating with new data each time the Search is run. For example, users may need Speedy Trial deadlines each Monday. That search can be set up to run each Monday and analyzed to meet all deadlines automatically.


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